Maria Aguirre

Hi, I’m Maria Aguirre (ah-GEER-ray…phonetically).
I’m a CT Licensed Massage Therapist and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I am also a Self-Care Advocate with a passion for helping you get back in touch with yourself.
I want to help you discern what your body, mind and spirit need to be healthy and to thrive.

As you’ll see below, my vocation has changed several times over the years. My current call in life is to be a Christ-centered wife
to my wonderful, charismatic husband, a mother to my four beautiful, active, fun, and super creative children, and to help you
find greater well-being - God’s Way - through massage, Craniosacral therapy and health coaching.


What I did…

Youth Minister

Up until the time of a serious car accident I had in 1997, I was feeling carefree, living life as a single young adult. I had a well-paying job, fun group of friends, and was enjoying playing doubles beach volleyball and swing dancing. I had no idea that my priorities were out of order and that they would be rearranged as a result of the accident, beginning with the return to my faith. From there, life really began to have meaning, starting with leaving my job in the corporate world to work as a youth minister in my church. Who knew that taking a pay cut could bring such joy?


Stay-At-Home Mom

After nine years of having had the great privilege of serving teens (and getting married to a wonderful Colombian missionary in the middle of that somewhere), I was called to be a stay-at-home-mom. What a tremendous blessing (at times a seemingly monumental challenge) and a wonderful opportunity for growth that was! Treatment for post-accident symptoms and severe back pain in pregnancies led me to set my eyes on the goal of studying Craniosacral Therapy and returning to work once my kids were enrolled in school.

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What I Do…

Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Health Coaching

I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with the passion and purpose of bringing the gifts of self-care and healing to others through therapeutic touch and health coaching. I furthered my studies with the Upledger Institute to include Craniosacral Therapy because I knew it’s what my hands needed to bring to others who were suffering from chronic pain accompanied by stress and anxiety.

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Why I Do It…

Because everyone deserves to achieve greater well-being… God’s Way..
Plus, God is asking me to. And with His grace, I’m saying yes.

This world that God created is amazing and beautiful, as are the people He created to live in it. At the same time, because of our humanness, we have become in many ways touch-deprived, disconnected and lacking in proper discernment of making the right choices for our health, peace and well-being, and that of others around us. I believe that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit – that God dwells in us – and through my profession I am blessed to be able to help others foster a deep love, awareness, and reverence for themselves, body, mind and spirit, in a way that takes into consideration what God wants for them.

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